The band Goblin has a rich and complex history, spanning almost 40 years and marked by numerous line-up changes and separations. It was formed by Claudio Simonetti and Massimo Morante, emerging from the remnants of Cherry Five (Oliver) and signed to the Cinevox Record label in 1974.

The first line-up of Goblin, consisting of Simonetti on keyboards, Walter Martino on drums, Fabio Pignatelli on bass, and Morante on guitar, composed the soundtrack for "Profondo Rosso/Deep Red."

Over time, the band underwent several changes, including replacing Martino with Agostino Marangolo on drums and adding keyboardist Maurizio Guarini for the album "Roller."

After its separation in 1978, the band continued under different line-ups and names, eventually reducing to just Simonetti and Pignatelli in 1984.

In 2000, Simonetti reunited with Morante and Marangolo for a brief period to record the soundtrack for "Non Ho Sonno/Sleepless."

In the years since, several other bands inspired by Goblin have been formed, including Daemonia, BacktotheGoblin, Goblin Rebirth, and New Goblin, each featuring original members of the band in various combinations.

Currently, Claudio Simonetti leads his own version of the band, named Claudio Simonetti's Goblin, consisting of Simonetti on keyboards, Daniele Amador on guitar, Cecilia Nappo on bass, and Federico Maragoni on drums.

The band strives to honor and continue the legacy of Goblin's music, which has inspired countless musicians and generations over the years.

Claudio Simonetti: keyboards
Daniele Amador: guitars
Cecilia Nappo: bass
Federico Maragoni: drums